Statement From The New President of GFG

ernieRecently I, Ernie Kercmar, was elected to be president of Grandfathers For Golf. First off I would like to thank all of the parents who entrust us with their children in order to introduce them to the wonderful game of golf. I would also like to thank all of our volunteers who donate their time and knowledge of the game to not only teach golf skills but who also help in shaping character traits necessary to enjoy the game more fully. Golf is a microcosm of life itself. Through it, young and old alike develop patience, honesty, communication skills and friendships that last a lifetime.

However, the sheer enjoyment of hitting a little white ball with a stick is what we hope all of youngsters will take away from our time with us.

I look forward to the years ahead and will continue to build and nurture our program.


Ernie Kercmar
Grandfathers For Golf